House of Plants at 9 High Street, Exmouth, has announced on Facebook that it will be closing its doors today (February 23).

The owners have not gone into detail about why they are closing.

All items were reduced to 50 percent to get rid of their stock. They have now all sold out and won't be opening next week.

A spokesman said: "The time has come and we will sadly be closing our doors at the end of this month.

"After three crazy years, it’s time! There are multiple factors that have led us to the decision that we have made, we won’t bore you with the details.

"With that being said we have LOVED being part of the Exmouth independent scene!

"We have loved meeting all of our Exmouth plant freaks! We have made friendships for life! Both Pete and I will be forever grateful for all of your support. Thank you Exmouth."

"Remember if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. Please, please, please support your local independents."