Dr Robert Mew, from Fairfield House Dental Surgery has donated three programmable robots to Exmouth Library’s Coderdojo Club.

The robots can be built and programmed by the group. Mr Mew donated them as he believes that supporting local projects that push children's STEAM skills fostering creativity is very important.

The ethos at Fairfield House Dental Surgery is to invest in the community and inspire the next generation in applying to dentistry at university.

One of the coders said: "the robots look cool, and she can’t wait to build them. AI might take over the world one day, but we (humans) will have robots on our side."

The club is a part of CoderDojo’s global movement of free coding and digital making groups for children and young people and takes place in Exmouth Library on Saturday mornings.  

The club is a supportive and collaborative environment, helping children ages 7-17 to build confidence in programming and exciting them about the possibilities of coding and digital design. 

Lucien Caldwell, one of the mentors said:  “These kits will help lift the kids from the virtual into real world robotics and Internet of Things.  Excited to see what they build over the coming weeks."

 Search for a CoderDojo group near you or contact Exmouth Library for more information about the club. 

The robots were presented by Dr Robert Mew to Lucien Caldwell, Alicia Beasley, Kanyi Thobela and our young coders.