Police are warning Exmouth residents to be on the alert for suspicious callers.

Two incidents in Brixington have been reported to officers and there may have been others that have not been recorded.

In one case a woman knocked on the door of an elderly resident claiming to be a plain-clothes police officer and asked him about his CCTV system. He invited her in but she left soon afterwards. She is described as white, 5'6 to 5'8 tall, wearing a dark or navy suit and was well-spoken with no distinguishable accent.

In another case a householder found a female intruder in her kitchen. She was in her 30s with a slim build, wearing plastic apron and a dark or navy jacket, and spoke with an Eastern European accent. When challenged she claimed she was a carer and promptly left.

No items were stolen from either of these two properties.

Police are urging people not to let callers into their homes if they have any doubts about their identity. Householders should also be aware of distraction burglaries, in which a caller keeps the resident occupied at the front door while another person tries to get in through a back door or window. 

Anyone in Exmouth who has experienced a similar incident in the last couple of weeks is asked to email exmouth@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk