A group of experts will delve into the lasting impact of the Romans occupation of Topsham, Exeter and Devon at an event at Topsham Museum.

They will take part in a day-long event named ‘The Romans in Topsham and Beyond,’ on Saturday, March 2 from 9.30 am to 3pm.

Topsham Museum president Rachel Nichols said: "Topsham has been the scene of many of Devon’s most notable archaeological excavations and discoveries.

"It’s a topic that’s absolutely relevant today - there were digs in recent years on Exeter Road, when work was going on to prepare for the Aldi supermarket.

“Over the years these excavations have found store rooms, a fortlet and a Roman road between Topsham and Exeter. Our day of learning will be an opportunity to piece together the puzzle of what our area looked like under Roman occupation.”

Speakers such as Dr Val Mayfield, former Professor of archaeology at Exeter University; Dr John Salvatore, formerly of English Heritage and author of a book on Roman Exeter, and Bill Horner, Devon County Archaeologist will share their insights into this era.

They will be further joined by Tom Cadbury, assistant curator of Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum and an advisor to the trustees at Topsham Museum, who will provide an overview of the Roman artifacts now on display in Devon.

Tickets are £33, with refreshments included, until February 12 and then £35, and are available online from the Eventbrite website or in person from The Topsham Bookshop.

There is a discounted student charge of £16.