THE UK's favourite motorcyclist duo will premiere their new TV series this February, with one episode set to feature Exmouth - of which the date has now been revealed.

Across the series, The Hairy Bikers will be exploring Britain’s west coast from north to south, taking in Dumfries & Galloway, Lancashire, Merseyside and the Isle of Man, North Wales, the Severn Estuary and Somerset before ending their adventure in Devon.

Si King and Dave Myers will visit the seaside town of Exmouth in the final episode of The Hairy Bikers Go West set to air on BBC Two at 7pm on Tuesday, March 19.

The episode will mainly feature Devon and Dorset, and the final leg of the journey will see the bikers head towards the coast, eventually stopping in Exmouth.

It’s here they discover Simon and his fishmongers just a stone’s throw from the quay. 

There’s a wonderful array of freshly caught fish on show, but the boys discover a hidden gem amongst the display - Simon’s world-famous Docker eggs. 

Resembling a Scotch egg, Simon uses smoked haddock to create a fish cake with a soft-boiled egg in the middle.

The iconic duo will also visit Bristol in the episode prior, set to air at 7pm on Tuesday, March 12.

Si and Dave will create a dessert associated with the city's landmark Clifton Suspension Bridge after a visit to award-winning baker ANNA Cake Couture.

News of David Myers' cancer diagnosis tugged at the heartstrings of the nation in December 2023, and his co-star Si King said his determination throughout the filming of the new series made it 'particularly special'.

"It’s a series that we will always remember, not that we won’t remember others," Si said.

"We are very privileged to do what we do and I think this one was particularly special in general because of Dave’s health and his sheer and utter determination and love for what he does.

"Especially to continue to do it while he was having treatment took remarkable courage and energy - and adds to why Dave and I will not forget it.

"There were some very lovely moments, the atmosphere throughout the series was exactly that. There wasn’t one particular moment.

"The series being gentle and knowing was the whole sub-narrative, it was a celebration of a joyous and creative friendship."