Exeter is in line to get a new McDonald's restaurant.

The Tesco Digby store in Russell Way could soon be home to a new drive-thru McDonald's.

But the fast food giant’s application to Exeter City council has already attracted protests on the grounds that it will lead to extra traffic and potential anti-social behaviour.

McDonald's wants to build a new restaurant with drive-through facility, car parking, landscaping and ‘customer order display’ boards on a vacant car park area alongside the Tesco store.

The application, which is included on the city council’s planning list this week, is likely to be considered in the spring.

However, some local people have already voiced their opinions of the proposal.

One wrote: “Please tell me why we need ANOTHER fast food joint? You can make the claim they bring £blah blah to the local economy but really?

“The government are banning anything that is likely a detriment to our health yet looking at granting McDonald's a place when they already have two takeaway restaurants within a few miles and a city centre location.”

Another said: “The road is already insufferable with noise and traffic volume. Boy racers also are a problem with meet-ups in Tesco car park so much so you can not sleep. This proposal will have a detrimental effect on my property.”

And another wrote: “Terrible idea. Bringing more congestion to the roads, more exhaust fumes, more litter, more anti-social behaviour late at night.

“We do not need yet another drive-through takeaway selling unhealthy fast food.”