Nick Wallis, series consultant on the ITV series 'Mr Bates vs The Post Office,' will bring his UK tour to Exeter and Lyme Regis.

The tour provides an in-depth event revolving around the historical Post Office scandal which saw large numbers of subpostmasters wrongfully convicted due to faulty digital accounting software.

Mr Wallis has been lauded for having "dedicated years of work to establishing what happened, why it happened and calling those responsible to account," according to Reverend Richard Coles, a presenter and author.

In the tour, the journalist and broadcaster explores the commissioning of the Horizon IT system and examines the methods employed by the Post Office.

Exmouth Journal: The tour provides an in-depth event revolving around the historical Post Office scandal taking the

Nick Wallis will also share his findings from years of investigation.

These include testimonies from 'top-secret' sources within Fujitsu and The Post Office, his interactions with the affected sub postmasters, and excerpts from his best-selling book.

Mr Wallis has drawn on fourteen years of covering the story to write the book, ‘The Great Post Office Scandal, which has been serialised by the Daily Mail and featured by the Sunday Times.

It is this book and his years of experience which has now formed the basis of his tour.

The event will also provide an opportunity for a Q&A session, letting audiences explore several areas in more detail.

There will also be a special guest, or two, who have been affected by the scandal.

They will join Mr Wallis on stage to answer questions and also provide first-hand testimonies.

The event will span a total of two hours. It will run for an hour, followed by a 30 minute interval. This will then be followed by the Q&A session and a book signing opportunity.

The tour comes to the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis on March 23.

Exeter's Barnfield Theatre will see then see arrival of Nick Warris on April 20.

Other destinations of the tour include Cheshire, County Durham, Lichfield, Evesham, Surrey, Cornwall, Hertfordshire, London and more.

For ticket information, visit each theatre's website.