Sea Dog Art on Beacon Hill has started a pottery workshop for anyone in the town who wants to paint or make pottery animals.

Any animal can be made, so far the group cats rabbits worms and slugs seem to be the most popular … and dancing dinos which are then sold for £7.50 in the gallery.

Anna Fitzgerald said: "We are based in the centre of town and support local creatives. We make small collectible animals for people to paint or buy finished.  It would be really awsome if people supported the local pottery because then we can support local people with more jobs."

The pottery are then put up for sale. You can find the pottery pieces at High Tide cafe at Temple Winds, Beacon Hill. 

Sea Dog Art is a creative space at Beacon Hill, a coffee shop and by night a Processco bar, selling art, gifts and much more. See more on their Facebook page.