Exmouth Town Council has declared its support for the Plant Based Treaty.

The council's endorsement forms part of its Climate Action Plan, designed to counter the climate crisis and turn the local community into a zero-carbon society.

The Plant Based Treaty, an international agreement, emphasises the importance of food systems in the fight against climate change.

It upholds three key principles: relinquish, redirect, restore.

Committed to this, the council will encourage understanding of the climate impacts of dietary changes, promote the benefits of adopting a healthier plant-based diet, and strive to make plant-based foods more accessible and available.

Councillor Louise Venables highlighted the significance of this endorsement, indicating the pride she shares for the town's efforts in becoming a zero-carbon community.

Councillor Venables said: "Switching to an increasingly plant-based diet is the simplest and one of the most effective actions we can take to reduce our carbon emissions.

"Plant-based diets can also improve health, remedy biodiversity, improve animal welfare, and be financially beneficial.

"We want individuals to be fully informed regarding the impact of diet on the environment and for people to be able to make considered food choices and be supported in transitions to a more plant-focused diet."

Exmouth Journal: The Plant Based Treaty, an international agreement, emphasises the importance of food systems in

Data analysis reveals that compared with diets that include more than 100g of meat per day, plant-based diets result in 75 per cent fewer emissions contributing to climate change, water pollution and land use.

Vegan diets can decrease wildlife destruction by 66 per cent and water use by 54 per cent.

Reports suggest that a plant-based food system could save nearly eight gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Exmouth Town Council also pledged to back tree-planting and rewilding projects and restore key ecosystems.

In addition, it aims to enhance food justice by supporting projects that offer access to healthy food for all, with a particular focus on those with low income.

The council's endorsement of the Plant Based Treaty symbolises a significant move towards mitigating climate change effects and fostering a sustainable and healthy living environment in the town.

For detailed information about Exmouth Town Council's Plant Based Treaty initiative, visit www.exmouth.gov.uk/plant-based-treaty.