A Menopause health and wellbeing workshop is coming to Exmouth this month.

Aloma Watson, the founder of Exe Events, emphasises the urgent need for such workshops.

She bemoans the sheer lack of accessible menopause-related information and support, particularly in the South West.

This is despite the fact that every woman will undergo menopause at some point.

Ms Watson is well aware of the challenges linked with the peri-menopause and menopause.

She said: "As a 44 year old woman fighting my way through the peri-menopause, I feel super passionate and so strongly about running this event.

"Our emotions/moods are at an all time low in January.

"Pop the menopause on top of this and we are all out of sorts.

"It’s the right time for us all to get together and seek help and advice in a relaxed environment with other women who are going through the same challenges."

Exmouth Journal: It is scheduled to take place from 7pm on January 25 at Ocean in Exmouth

Capitalising on her experience as chairwoman of a Security Networking Group in London, Ms Watson has managed to invite two renowned women's health experts to the event.

Kate Rowe-Ham, a women's health coach with a focus on menopause fitness and nutrition, and Anna Marie Gough, an expert in breath work aiding women through menopause, will bolster the event with their specialised knowledge.

Furthermore, Ms Rowe-Ham will be signing copies of her new book ‘Owning your Menopause’ at the event.

It is scheduled to take place from 7pm on January 25 at Ocean in Exmouth.

Exe Events, propelled by Ms Watson's vision of hosting world-class speakers in Devon, has already seen a successful year with guest speakers like Paul Merson, James Haskell, and Eddie the Eagle.

The company is now determined to highlight women's issues in their community, starting with this Menopause and Wellbeing Workshop.

Following up, a grand event is being planned on International Women’s Day in March that aims to celebrate women in an inspiring and empowering manner.

For more details regarding the upcoming workshop, Ms Watson can be contacted on 07746 222930 or via email at info@exeevents.co.uk.

More information about the workshop is also available on Exe Events’ website.