Thousands of homes around East Devon have been affected by power cuts today (January 2) as a result of Storm Henk.

See a full map of affected areas on The National Grid website.

The National Grid website reports that 82 properties have no power in Lympstone. They are working to get people back on the grid by 4.30pm. This is affecting EX8 3AU, EX8 3BU, EX8 3NP, EX8 3NS, EX8 3NT, EX8 3NU, EX8 3NX, EX8 5BD postcodes.

22 properties in Woodbury are also without power. They estimate the problem will be resolved by 6pm today. This is affecting the following postcodes: EX5 1EA, EX5 1HY, EX5 1JA, EX5 1ND.

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513 properties in Sidford are without power. National Grid says this should be resolved by 4.30 today and is affecting the following postcodes: EX10 0FG, EX10 0JR, EX10 0QA, EX10 0QB, EX10 0QD, EX10 0QE, EX10 0QF, EX10 0QG, EX10 0QJ, EX10 0QL, EX10 0QN, EX10 0QP, EX10 0QR, EX10 0QS, EX10 0QW, EX10 0QZ, EX10 0RA, EX10 0RB, EX10 0RD, EX10 0RE, EX10 0RF, EX10 0RG, EX10 0RH, EX10 0RJ, EX10 0RL, EX10 0RN, EX10 0RP, EX10 0RQ, EX10 0RR, EX10 0RS, EX10 0RT, EX10 0RU, EX10 0RW, EX10 0RX, EX10 0RY, EX10 0RZ, EX10 0SA, EX10 0SB, EX10 0SD, EX10 0SE, EX10 0SF, EX10 0SG, EX10 0SH, EX10 0SJ, EX10 0SL, EX10 0SN, EX10 0SQ, EX10 0SX, EX10 9PT, EX10 9SD, EX10 9SE, EX10 9SY

222 properties in Colyton and Colyford are also without power, this is affecting EX12 4AE, EX12 4AF, EX12 4AG, EX12 4AH, EX12 4AJ, EX12 4AL, EX12 4AN, EX12 4AP, EX12 4AQ, EX12 4AR, EX12 4AS, EX12 4AT, EX12 4AU, EX12 4AW, EX12 4AX, EX12 4AY, EX12 4AZ, EX12 4BA, EX12 4BB, EX12 4BD, EX12 4BE, EX12 4BG, EX12 4BH, EX12 4BJ, EX12 4BQ, EX12 4BR, EX12 4BS, EX12 4BT, EX12 4BU. This is hoping to be resolved by 4pm today.

92 properties in the EX14 (Feniton) area. This will be resolved by 4pm today and is affecting EX14 3DW, EX14 3EA, EX14 3EB, EX14 3ED, EX14 3EG, EX14 3FB, EX14 3FD, EX14 3FG, EX14 3UW postcodes.

In Axminster, three areas have no power, covering DT7 3RN, DT7 3RP, DT7 3RR, DT7 3RW, DT7 3XB, DT7 3XF, DT7 3XH, EX13 5ED, EX13 5TA, EX13 5TB, EX13 7AQ, EX13 7EB, EX13 7ED, EX13 7EN, EX13 7ER, EX13 7ES, EX13 7ET, EX13 7EU, EX13 7EW, EX13 7EX, EX13 7EY, EX13 7EZ, EX13 7HL, EX13 7HN, EX13 7HP, EX13 7HR, EX13 7HS, EX13 7HW, EX13 7NF, EX13 7QF, EX13 7QH, EX14 9EN, EX14 9EW, EX14 9JU, DT7 3RN, DT7 3RP, DT7 3RR, DT7 3RW, DT7 3XB, DT7 3XF, DT7 3XH, EX13 5ED, EX13 5TA, EX13 5TB.