An uninsured quad bike rider who failed to stop after being involved in a collision in Exeter has been banned from driving for one year.

Tammy Eddlestone, of Dinan Way, Exmouth, committed a string of offences on July 17, including driving without due care and attention and without a valid licence.

The offences were committed on Briar Crescent while Eddlestone, 28, was driving an unregistered quad bike.

Court documents say the collision between the quad bike and the other vehicle – a black Ford – resulted in “personal injury and damage” being caused, “namely bruises, scrapes and scratches, as well as vehicle body damage”.

Eddlestone left the scene without providing his name and address and failed to report it to the police “as soon as was reasonably practicable” or within 24 hours.

On Tuesday, December 12, he pleaded guilty to a total of seven offences at Exeter Magistrates' Court.

They were:

  • Using a motor vehicle on a road without third-party insurance
  • Driving in a public place without due care and attention
  • Failing to stop after a road accident
  • Using a vehicle without a valid licence 
  • Using a motor vehicle on a road without a valid test certificate
  • Failing to report an accident 
  • Driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence

For driving without insurance, Eddlestone was disqualified from driving for 12 months and fined £120. 

His guilty plea was taken into account when he was sentenced, saving him £60.

He was also ordered to pay a £72 surcharge to fund victim services. No order was made for court costs.

For failing to stop, he received a £60 fine, which would have been £90 without a guilty plea.

He will pay his £252 court bill in instalments of £20, starting in January.

Eddlestone received no separate penalty for the other five offences.