The Budleigh Film Society has seen a mass uptaken in new members this season, which is puzzling the board.

Since the summer, no fewer than 92 new people have joined up for the 23/24 season, September to April, as opposed to the more normal numbers of 30 to 40.

The society wonders whether it is down to bringing forward the publicity material by nearly a month to June has made a difference or is it something to do with the exceptionally high approval ratings of the first two films of the season? 'The Outfit' a thriller starring Mark Rylance was followed by 'Lunana: A Yak in the classroom, a beautiful, poignant film set in the mountainous Kingdom of Bhutan. Or there again is it something to do with the national mood of disillusion with politics, war and the weather?

The Film Society aims to bring the best of international cinema to audiences which might otherwise not get the chance to see them. The quality of the projector and very large screen housed in the Public Hall, Budleigh ensure an experience not far short of a cinema. Ironically, the hall was originally built to show films.

Chairman Paul Abbott said: "We are of course delighted by this sudden rise in membership applications. Standing at 398 in total, two more people have just joined for the half season after Christmas, to reach the magic figure of 400."

Membership secretary Stephen Huyshe Shires said: "There's something about round numbers and the offer to join at half price for the remaining half season is still open."

You can find out more via the programme leaflets in the Public Library, Brook Gallery or other outlets in the town.