Dust off your fancy dress and get ready of the biggest party Exmouth has ever seen under one roof!

It wasn’t that many years ago that Exmouth was famed for its New Year celebrations. Partygoers from all over the country would flock to the seaside town of Exmouth for what can only be described as the party atmosphere of the year.  If you were seen out in anything other than being dressed as a teapot, a Spice Girl, a minion or Spiderman, you would look seriously out of place on the streets!

Sadly those days are long gone with the celebrations dwindling down to a handful of people gathered around the war memorial, with estimates that no more than a couple of hundred would be seen out, venues closed by 10pm and a general lacklustre attitude given to the welcoming in of a new year.

The culmination of The Christmas Village and event space is looking to turn that around and give the community a focal point to focus New Year celebrations.

The organising team from the village told the Journal: “We are providing a covered space for up to 1,000 guests to see in the New Year in style. There is seating for all and entertainment that will be the envy of every town centre throughout Devon! This event is helping to fund the free events that are taking place throughout the operating schedule and to provide the free trading for the sellers at Christmas market, whilst at the same time we hope to give people a reason to come back out and enjoy the town. Once wristbands are provided, partygoers are free to come and go as they please to support other venues, however, with the infamous Ian Boyd and the absolutely rocking ‘Reckless’, we hope to create an atmosphere unlike anything ever seen before - fancy dress really should be compulsory!”

It is of course not just Exmouth that has seen numbers decline in town centres; however, the towns that embrace community activity seem to be the ones that perform the best. As ever the Journal will be out on the streets documenting the evening.

Tickets are £25 per person with the first drink free before 20:30. Tickets available at www.exmouthchristmasvillage.co.uk