Last Sunday, (November 19), Exmouth Quakers had a peaceful and silent vigil for a healthy planet in Exmouth at the Magnolia Centre.

A spokesman for Exmouth Qaukers explained why they held the event, they said: "There will be from now on months vigils, every third Sunday of the month from 11.40am -12.00. We invite everyone who feels concerned about the planet to join to stand with us.

"Were are neither blocking roads nor show any sign of aggression and welcome anyone who shares our concern."

Exmouth Quakers meet every Sunday 10:30 - 11:30am and also have midweek evening stillness meetings on the beach in the summer.  Worship is open to all and they warmly welcome you to join them.

Every meeting begins in silence. Which they use to open ourselves to the wisdom that comes out of stillness.  It enriches and shapes them, individually and collectively.  This is what they mean by 'worship'.  You can read more about how they worship on the Quaker website pages, but the only way to understand it fully is to go to a meeting.