Residents at Bay Court Nursing Home have begun early with their Hopes and Dreams for the New Year.

Two treasured residents have put ‘fund raising’ at the top of their list. Both Freda Lovesey and Audrey Ridley decided they wanted to continue to try to use their lives to make a difference to others less fortunate.

The activities team decided to start straight away and planned a MacMillan coffee morning which raised £142.50. Freda, who grew up in Budleigh, before leaving to train as a teacher in London, moved back to enjoy her retirement here.

She is a keen member of the Methodist church and is blessed with many friends.
She said, “Here at Bay Court, I have everything provided for me so I just want to spend my final years, helping others that are less fortunate. My mother died of cancer so raising money for a cancer charity feels important!”

Audrey, who was married to her wonderful husband, Gordon had five children together. Audrey devoted her life to raising them and has many friends, which is testament to her beautiful heart.
She is a cancer survivor and is now aged eighty eight. After recovering from a malignant melanoma in 1987 the cancer spread to her thigh which resulted in fourteen lymph nodes being removed.

She said, “ I am so happy that I can still be part of my community by being useful and feeling like I am still able to make a difference.”
The residents all joined in with making cakes and invited friends and relatives for a coffee morning.

Audrey said, “We all love coffee and cake and we are determined to find ways to make money for good causes.”

The activities team are committed to continue to help enable these ladies, and all of our residents, to live a life with purpose and love.