It is not every day that royalty visits your workplace. Last week was a big occasion for Parliament and our country. HM King Charles delivered the first King’s Speech in 70 years, such was the length of service of the late Queen.

Keeping people safe in this country is a top government priority. I was really pleased to see criminal justice placed at the heart of the King’s Speech.

Under the new Sentencing Bill, the most horrific murderers will face spending the rest of their lives locked up. They’ve lost their right to be part of civilised society. Life will truly mean life.

The Criminal Justice Bill provides a further step to keep the worst offenders locked up for longer, ensuring grooming gang members and their ring leaders receive the toughest possible sentences. Judges will also be given more powers to make sure horrific criminals attend court when their sentences are handed out to hear directly from victims and feel the weight of their crimes. We all heard of how spineless child murderer Lucy Letby refused to attend her own sentencing after killing children in her care. That simply cannot be allowed to happen ever again.

I was also pleased that all 43 police forces committed to sending an officer to every home that has suffered a break-in. This will enable more cases to reach court, deliver justice, and deter crime.

It goes without saying that anti-social behaviour, alongside burglary, can plague cities, towns, and villages alike. The government is already cracking down on offenders. On-the-spot fines for litter, graffiti and fly-tipping rose in July. Possession of Nitrous Oxide is, as of last week, illegal. And Ministers will be banning XL Bully Dogs under the Dangerous Dogs Act by the end of the year.

Locally, police numbers are now at a record high in Devon & Cornwall. Police forces deserve enormous credit for the frontline work they do to keep us safe, as well as the tireless work that we – the public – don’t see. Their work is having an impact. Since 2010, in England and Wales, violent crime is down 52%.

I know many of my more rural constituents, including farmers, rely on guns and firearms to manage livestock and deal with pests.

I met with the firearms team from Devon and Cornwall recently. I was reassured to know that more officers are being recruited and they are modernising their technological systems for firearms applications. Good progress has been made to bring down the application backlogs.

I’m pleased to report that Honiton Police Station front desk will soon reopen to the public after a fantastic local campaign. This decision by our Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez means residents in the east of the district will be able to access a local police station. Elsewhere, £5 million will be spent on Exmouth’s new modern police station and plans are continuing to take shape.

Further reducing crime and a focus on law and order are so important for all our communities. I have every confidence in the new Home Secretary James Cleverly and new Foreign Secretary David Cameron. Both are excellent appointments.

Finally, it was a privilege to lay a wreath at the Remembrance Sunday service in Sidmouth to acknowledge the long and proud association Devon has with the Armed Forces, especially through The Royal Marines Charity’s headquarters being based at the Lympstone Commando Training Centre.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with the charity’s fantastic new leadership at both 10 Downing Street and their new Lympstone HQ over the last few months to discuss this government’s steadfast commitment to our serving personnel and veterans. The King’s Speech rightly recognised that they are the finest in the world and included the ambition of increasing defence spending to 2.5% of GDP to support them further.

We will always remember all those who lost their lives and who served, and their families and friends.