East Devon District Council have suspended tomorrow's forecasted recycling and waste collections due to Storm Ciaran.

Due to the extreme weather forecasts, recycling and waste collections scheduled for Thursday, 2 November will be postponed, with catch-up collections being planned.

Refuse, recycling, green, clinical, and bulky waste collections have all been suspended.

To prevent the wind blowing litter across the street, please take your recycling and waste containers inside until the storm has passed.

Catch-up collections will take place as soon as is possible and these will be announced through the East Devon app and on the Recycling and Waste service's webpages.

The Met Office is warning of heavy downpours and strong winds, with three yellow weather warnings in place between 6pm today and midnight tomorrow.

The Met Office has already put out a yellow rain warning covering the period from 6pm today until midnight tomorrow and a wind warning from 9pm today.