A 32-year-old man wielded an axe and had to be Tasered by police at a four star hotel and golf club that used to be owned by racing driver Nigel Mansell.

Kyle Stainer claimed a group of Albanians were going to cause him harm and armed himself with the axe.

A court heard police raced to the Woodbury Park hotel and golf club in East Devon one April afternoon and found Stainer in the foyer wielding the axe.

He was told to drop the weapon which he pulled out of his trousers and was then Tasered and arrested.

Police found Stainer had also smashed up his hotel room.

Stainer, of Glebelands, Lympstone, admitted possessing an offensive weapon and causing criminal damage.

Exeter magistrates gave him a 12 month community order and told him to pay a total of £819 in compensation, fines and court costs and said it was 'an entirely unnecessary attack'.