As a kid, I remember staying up late listening to the radio under the bed covers. My parents bought me a world radio and I loved listening to radio stations from across the globe.

Back then, I never dreamt I’d become a Member of Parliament. All I wanted to do was play music on the radio, because every presenter seemed to be having the time of their lives. Recently, the commercial radio industry celebrated its 50th anniversary. The first commercial radio station to hit the airwaves was LBC, which is still going strong.

I first appeared on the radio as a teenager, juggling stacking shelves in Somerfield with presenting a programme every Sunday morning. After several years of working on radio stations including Plymouth Sound, South Hams Radio, and Radio Plymouth, I joined the BBC as a presenter and journalist.

I worked my way up to become a manager, producer and presenter at BBC Radio Solent’s office based over the border in Dorchester. But I’ve never forgotten my roots in commercial radio.

Every now and then, I still present programmes as an unpaid volunteer on Devon’s Radio Exe. No politics, just music and chat. We’re lucky to have them – they are one of the few independent local commercial stations left in the country.

Whilst stations like Gemini, South West 103 and others have disappeared from the dial, we still have plenty of choice including BBC Radio Devon and community stations including East Devon Radio and Sid Valley Radio. I regularly tune in when I’m driving around East Devon, in between visits and surgeries.

Working in local radio and journalism, you get an awareness of where things are going wrong and can be improved. I decided I wanted to do something about that for my home county, Devon. That’s what drew me into political life and why I decided to stand as your Member of Parliament. Politics can be all encompassing, which is why I love listening to the radio. With such a range of stations serving Devon, it’s worth tuning around to see what you can find.