Four large bags of litter and rubbish were collected by Exmouth in Bloom when they cleared up the Dinosaur beds in the Strand on Sunday, October 15.

Exmouth Journal: Tracksuit pants and a T-shirt founded dumped in the bedsAmong the items found dumped in the beds were a pair of tracksuit bottoms, socks and a T-shirt, along with food containers, bottles, cans, plastic cutlery and vaping paraphernalia.

 A spokesperson for the group said: "There must certainly be a lot of very lazy folk about because it seems they throw their litter in the undergrowth instead of walking 15 metres or so to at least four clearly visible bins with recycling facilities!"

The team of 13 volunteers also tidied up the plants in the beds, edged the borders and combed out the seed heads of the Pheasant grass.

Exmouth Journal: Volunteers with the 'very friendly' traffic wardenDuring the session they got talking to a 'very friendly' traffic warden from Exeter who posed for a photo with them and said they were 'doing a great job'.

Exmouth in Bloom have thanked the EDDC Streetscene officer who collected the gardening waste and the bags of rubbish.

Two members of the group also took part in a clean-up of the beach and the Maer organised by the Exe Estuary Management Partnership over the weekend.