Author Debra Wellington is visiting schools in East Devon to read her latest book 'Grow Tall Sid' to the children.

While there, Debra talks to the kids about how her books were written and illustrated. Her first book published in 2021 was 'The animal says.'

she has recently visited Otterton Primary School. The children learned the different stages of the sunflower lifecycle through the book's character Sid the Sunflower Seed.

'The animal says...' has colourful illustrations and fun facts about the animals and their 'voices'

'Grow Tall Sid!' explains the stages of the sunflower growing from a tiny seed to a tall sunflower plant.

If teachers are interested in having an author visit to their school then they can drop her an email at

There is also details about her book on her website with a range of organic cotton clothing and gifts with the animals from her book. The website is