Exmouth's National Coastwatch Institution, (NCI) has passed its annual Declared Facility Status (DFS) assessment.

The test ensures the group operates to the high standards required by the Maritime and Coastal Agency (MCA) and so it can play a part in the UK Search and Rescue (SAR) services.

This involves looking at our policies and procedures, our facilities, and meeting and talking to watchkeepers. Part of the assessment includes an exercise with the RNLI, to locate a casualty in the waters and guide the lifeboat to them.

A spokesman for Exmouth NCI said: "A successful day, meaning we can operate our services for another year."

Exmouth NCI is part of the UK search and rescue and is a declared asset of the HM Coastguard.

While NCI Exmouth maintains 'eyes along the coast' 52 weeks of the year watch, keeping hours are adjusted to reflect the daylight hours and the activities on local beaches and inshore waters.

From March 27 they open at 8.30am until 6.30pm and from May 15 from 8am to 7.30pm. During the peak summer months, they further increase with coastal water safety advice for swimmers, paddleboarders and beach users.

Find full details of how to become a Watchkeeper on Exmouth NCI’s web site www.exmouthcoastwatch.co.uk