Quayside Distillery, owned by Exmouth businessman George Nightingale, has teamed up with the Devoncourt Resort & Apartments to create a gin exclusive to the venue.

Quayside worked with the venue to develop the 'luxury' branded Devoncourt Gin which is now on sale in its bar and restaurant.

The exclusive gin was created with Devoncourt's coastal location in mind. It is a 'juniper forward gin with notes of rock samphire, sea bluebells, lemon verbena and hawthorn flower'.

The collaboration between Quayside and the Devoncourt is one of three, each involving the creation of a bespoke white spirit. The other two are the Mercure Hotel in Exeter and Crankhouse Coffee, a speciality coffee roaster and cafe, for which Quayside has developed a coffee-flavoured vodka.

George Nightingale, who owns Exmouth's Spoken restaurant, opened Quayside Distillery in Exeter in the spring of 2022 with the aim of creating premium draft spirts and liqueurs.

Quayside uses a ground-breaking vaccuum distillation technique that lends itself perfectly to the creation of bespoke white spirits.  This process, used by only a few distillers in the country, involves operating under reduced pressure, boiling compounds at a lower temperature. This reduces the risk of burning the ingredients, and highlights their natural aromas. The 'low-and-slow' technique enables Quayside to experiment with a range of ingredients and create unique spirit flavours.

George said: "The white spirit label collaborations with Mercure Hotel, Crankhouse Coffee, and Devoncourt highlight our commitment to crafting exceptional spirits that celebrate the essence of Exeter's high-end brands.

"Each collaboration reflects our dedication to innovation, flavour, and a shared passion for delivering a premium experience to our patrons."