Devon County Council will be closing four roads in Exmouth this month, to carry out 'micro asphalt resurfacing'

The first is Bicton Street on Monday September 18, Raleigh Road on Monday, September 18 and Tuesday, September 19 and Gussiford Lane on Tuesday, September 19.

According to the Devon County Council website, micro asphalt resurfacing "is a quick, efficient and economic method of preventative maintenance. It is a mixture of polymer modified bitumen emulsion, small aggregate and cement laid using specialist machinery and which will improve the road surface and extend the life of the road.

"The micro asphalt process is a two-phase process. First, a regulating layer of material is applied. This improves the surface profile of the road. This is followed by a second layer which gives the final surface. Both layers are usually applied on the same day, to a thickness of approximately 14mm.

"The micro asphalt layers typically take between 15 and 30 mins to dry."

Find out more on the Devon County Council website - Micro asphalt programme