The Exmouth Stroke Survivors Club hold day meetings in Littleham for older people, and people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities or mental health problems.

The club is based in Littleham and meets on Monday and Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm. The club do trips holidays swimming and much more in the community.

These meetings allow people to do something social or just sit and read the paper quietly with a cup of coffee. You may be retired and looking for social and stimulating things to do, or perhaps have mobility or other health problems and would like to get out and about and mix with others, or maybe just have lunch.

Steve said "Many of us feel lonely from time to time. Feelings of loneliness are personal, so everyone's experience will be different. Some people describe loneliness as the feeling we have when our need for social contact and relationships isn’t met.

"But loneliness isn’t the same as being alone. You may feel content without much contact with other people. But others may find this a lonely experience. Some people may only feel lonely at certain times. However some people may experience chronic loneliness.

"This is a deep feeling of loneliness that goes on for a long time. You may be around others and still feel like you’re alone. Some people might think that you need to live alone to feel lonely. Or that being lonely means not having many friends or family around you. But you can have lots of social contact and support and still feel lonely."

Exmouth Stroke Survivors Club started in November 2012 with a meeting in a cafe and became a talking point for stroke survivors who felt on their own in society.

The people who came to the first meeting consisted of a variety of men and women with different variations of strokes, from mini-strokes to severe conditions.

For more information, call Steve 01395 744362