At around 2.30pm on Monday, (September 4), Exmouth RNLI's inshore lifeboat launched after reports an 11-year-old child was unable to get back to shore at Dawlish Warren.

 Coastguard Rescue Teams also helped while the crew of the inshore lifeboat conducted a thorough search of the area, made contact with a number of persons on the beach, but no-one was found to be in difficulty or in need of help.

The all-weather lifeboat was launched moments later at 2.45pm to help a number of children in difficulty on a collection of small inflatables half a mile south of Orcombe Point, Exmouth.

At around 3pm, the inshore crew were stood down. s

Two adults and five children were rescued by the all weather lifeboat. They had been swept out by the tide, had no safety equipment or means of communication. Another adult, unconnected to the original group, had gone out on his paddleboard and was using it to keep some of the others afloat. All seven were taken aboard and dropped off at Exmouth Marina. An ambulance was also called to check the seven people over.

Exmouth RNLI Coxswain of the all weather lifeboat, Steve Hockings-Thompson, said “Inflatable toys are for a controlled environment like the swimming pools, not the sea. They are easily caught in the wind or tide and taken out to sea very often placing young persons in great danger, which is what happened today. Myself and my crew were pleased that we were able to be quickly respond to this emergency and rescue those involved without them coming to any harm.”