Footage of dolphins swimming alongside an RNLI lifeboat has been captured off the UK's coastline. 

The video, which was filmed in Whitby, North Yorkshire, shows the marine animals leaping from the water as they swim near the lifeboat.

The playful pod can be seen jumping out of the water, sticking close to the boat as it entered the town's harbour walls.

Watch the moment dolphins swam alongside RNLI lifeboat

The marine mammals were swimming alongside the RNLI's 'Lois Ivan' lifeboat, which bears the name of over 10,000 loved ones on the letters and numbers on the lifeboat's bow.

The lifeboat was out at sea as part of the charity's annual 'flag weekend display', where the crew raise money for their cause.

The clip was captured by Paul Wilson, who said the experience of seeing the dolphins 'was amazing.'

Speaking to the BBC, Paul said: "The dolphins are never far away from the coastline and I think they liked the sound of the boat."

Meanwhile, station manager Barry Brown praised the 'generous' supporters and fundraisers who supported the event and added he 'couldn't have asked for a better weekend.'

Barry commented: "We couldn't have asked for a better flag weekend this year, the weather stayed dry.

"It was wonderful to meet so many of our generous supporters.

"I would also like to thank our hardworking team of fundraisers who work so hard to support the event."