Exmouth opticians are warning that children’s poor eyesight can cause learning and behaviour problems if left untreated.

As the summer holidays draw to a close, Specsavers Exmouth is raising awareness of the importance of good vision to children’s education.

Good eyesight is vital for children, with regular check-ups being the best way to spot any problems and treat them before they have an impact on the child’s education.

Problems such as squints or lazy eye (amblyopia) can be treated more effectively the earlier they are picked up. This can make a huge difference to a child and their education.

All children under 16, as well as those under 19 in full-time education, are entitled to an NHS-funded eye test every two years, or sooner if recommended by an optician, and a voucher towards the cost of glasses.

The Specsavers Exmouth store offers a wide range of children’s glasses (including frames and lenses) for the value of the NHS voucher, and a number of designer frames, including Liberty London, Hype, Disney, Marvel and more.

For more information or to book an appointment at Specsavers Exmouth, please call 01395 277107