Exeter College A-Level students excelled this year with an overall A Level pass rate of 99.6%, compared to 97.2% nationally, with 25 A level subject pass rate of 100%.

The college has exceeded every metric of its 2019 results (the last pre-pandemic results), which has nationally set the benchmark for this year’s results as awarding bodies return to pre-covid grading.  

Of particular note is this year’s overall high grades at 59% (A*/A/B), which is over 6% ahead of the 2023 national average. 172 students achieved straight A*/A’s. This is especially impressive considering that this is the cohort who were in their two final years of school when the pandemic hugely disrupted education.  

Given the picture nationally, the college are exceptionally pleased that fewer learners this year missed their university offer than last year. This success means that the class of 2023 exceeded the standard set by even last year’s record-breaking cohort.  

In the creative subjects, Fine Art and Graphic Design both excelled with 71% of Fine Art students achieving high grades and an impressive 25% of Graphic Design students achieving an A*. In Music 69% of students achieved an A*, A or B. 

In the Humanities and Social Sciences learners also excelled. History and Law saw an impressive number of high grades, with students achieving 76% high grades and 69% respectively. 66% of Literature, 63% of Classics and 61% of Spanish students achieved an A*, A or B.  

Exeter College and the College Governors would like to thank and congratulate the class of 2023 and thank staff, parents and partners for making this a year to celebrate. 

John Laramy CBE, Principal and Chief Executive at Exeter College, said: “I am delighted with this year’s A Level results, in every measure our students have achieved results that exceed those achieved before the pandemic. 

“I would like to congratulate the class of 2023, who despite not sitting GCSE exams and having a turbulent final two years of school, have navigated these challenges and shown commitment, skill and tenacity to achieve truly excellent results.   

“I would like to thank the expert staff, who have in equal measure over the last two years used their talent and care to help our students to achieve these outstanding results.”