People who can’t resist a cold refreshing pint on the go are in for some bad news as there will be a major change to pub laws starting in September.

Governments in England and Wales gave landlords permission to serve takeaway pints through hatches to customers in the street when they were forced to close their premises throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the licensing scheme which the Home Office brought in in July 2020 will expire next month with no plans for an extension, reports the BBC.

Exmouth Journal: The government allowed the sale of takeaway pints being sold by pubs in the street without a license in 2020The government allowed the sale of takeaway pints being sold by pubs in the street without a license in 2020 (Image: Getty)

Takeaway pint rules brought in by the government during the pandemic to end

The rules had already been extended twice in the pandemic but after the deadline ends this time, venues that want to continue serving takeaway pints will have to apply for approval from their local councils.

The British Beer and Pub Association recently told the BBC that the "disappointing" decision would force pubs to go through a "lengthy application and approval processes" if they were to keep takeaway sales of pints.

Chief executive Emma McClarkin continued: "We need government to support our pubs and allow them to diversify and innovate, not hold them back with more red tape and unnecessary regulation.”

From 2020, the rules meant pubs could provide drinks in the street, where they have a licence to put tables and chairs, without needing permission to do so.

But now places with an on-site license will need to change their current license.

Public chose to return to pre-pandemic rules, says government

The BBC added: “Official planning documents have estimated between 8,500 and 12,800 such premises could decide to do so, although the government says there is a lack of 'robust' data on potential demand.”

When explaining the decision not to extend the licensing scheme once more, the Home Office said it had “canvassed opinion” from local councils, residents' groups and drinks retailers.

It found the “majority” of those who responded were in favour of returning to the pre-pandemic regulations.

Industry group UKHospitality also told the broadcaster that the "practical" coronavirus-era reductions in rules had helped some businesses to improve sales.

Chief executive Kate Nicholls explained: "This decision will raise questions among hospitality businesses about how serious the government is about reducing red-tape for businesses".