Drake’s Church of England Primary School in East Budleigh has been rated 'good' at its latest Ofsted inspection.

Inspector Andrew Lovett said that there is enough evidence to suggest the school could be judged outstanding if a graded inspection was carried out.

If a school was given a good grade last time, inspectors will come back in four years' time for an ungraded inspection to confirm that the school is still good.' 

Mr Lovett said: "The reading curriculum is expertly led. Children in the Reception Year start to learn phonics straightaway and pupils who speak English as an additional language thrive in the inclusive environment that leaders create. They quickly pick up the sounds and expressions of the English language."

"Teachers make sure that pupils receive support with their language development, and identify pupils’ needs quickly. The ‘Inclusion Hub’ provides outreach support for pupils with particular needs. Sometimes, pupils visit the hub to receive specialist support. Back at school, staff have a strong understanding of pupils’ needs. Pupils learn successfully thanks to the support they receive.

"Leaders have worked alongside the local mathematics hub, to strengthen the teaching of mathematics in the school. The curriculum is designed so that pupils keep coming back to the big ideas. Daily practice helps pupils to build up their fluency. The teaching of early mathematics is highly effective. This prepares pupils well for later challenges.

Pupils learn to take care of the environment and each other while at school. Often, the school gardens provide the setting for learning. Pupils are also encouraged to look beyond the local area. Through video links, pupils gain insight into the lives of children in other places around the world. Older pupils train to be mental health ambassadors. All of this supports pupils’ spiritual, cultural and social development."

The inspector said "In a few subjects, there is yet more that pupils could learn and do. Leaders should build on their successes so far, further strengthening the quality of education that pupils receive."

Schools across the UK are inspected every year and are rated by the regulator Ofsted in four categories: Inadeqeute, requires improvement, good and outstanding. 

Read the full report on the Ofsted website OFSTED