Have you got any Barbie toys lying around? Here are the collectables that could earn you over £1000. 

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie have brought the iconic doll to life in a shiny pink film which hits cinemas on July 21.

Whether you're a Barbie girl, living in a Barbie world and you're just Ken trying to clean out your cupboards - this is the nostalgic memorabilia that could be making you a quick buck.

The team at Buzz Bingo has rounded up nine Barbie treasures spanning from 1962 to 2007 that could be with a small fortune.

They analysed hundreds of pieces of merchandise on eBay to find some of the most unique (and expensive) toys.

The team studied classic limited edition finds to rare and exclusive accessories to find out which ones could be worth thousands now.

Barbie classroom playset

Release date: 1997

How much?: £1228.07

Come on Barbie, let's go to school! This classroom play set is an ideal addition to any Barbie collection.

It is currently being valued at over £1200 online.

Although there are only 12 pieces in the set - and despite it being entirely made of plastic - it's scored the second highest price tag on the list. 

Barbie and Ken ‘Little Theatre’ set

Release date: 1963

How much?: £1135.26

Grab your popcorn since the 1963 theatre set is listed for £1135.26 even if it is missing a few pieces and is made solely of paper.

With paper tickets, scripts and furniture, the set is described as ‘rare’ by its seller. 

Barbie bedside lamp 

Release date: 1999

How much?: £490.45

Despite only being 32cm high and sporting some general wear and tear, this Barbie bedside lamp from 1999 is one of the most expensive items on the list.

It's also important to know that other bedside lamps in the franchise made during the same year have even been priced as high as £106.94.

Even with the $12 label still on the box!

Barbie ‘Bloom Tube TV’ 

Release date: 2006

How much?: £234.09

In Y2K, Barbie embraced technology with new careers and a new era of electronics including this Bloom Tube TV set.

The TV comes complete with a pink casing and floral trimmings.

If you have an unopened and complete set, you could earn £234.09 online.

Meanwhile open sets without the box can still land you almost £100. 

Barbie Electric drawing set 

Release date: 1963

How much?: £141.29

Another electronic item to make the list, this vintage electric drawing set is priced online at £141.29, and is one of the oldest items we found.

The set includes pencils, stencils, and a light up drawing pad so any Barbie fanatic can trace their favourite character. 

Exmouth Journal: Barbie hits cinemas in the UK on July 21. ( Warner Bros. Pictures)Barbie hits cinemas in the UK on July 21. ( Warner Bros. Pictures) (Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Barbie ‘Nurse bag and accessories set’

Release date: 1962

How much?: £117.91

The oldest item on the list, this 1962 Barbie nurses' play set was priced online at £117.91.

The playset includes a range of plastic nurse accessories.

This is a rare item, which explains the high price tag, as the bag itself is actually only made of paper.

The kit was originally created by Pressman in 1956 to help children conquer their fear of the doctors, which became so popular the manufacturer developed the Barbie and Ken versions.

Barbie DVD player 

Release date: 2007

How much?: £78.82

This 2007 Barbie DVD player is the newest item to make the list, but could still make you almost £100 through resale.

The glossy pink decor complete with a matching remote encapsulates the 2000s perfectly, and items that aren’t working are even being sold for almost £40!

Barbie ‘Schoenhut Style’ Piano 

Release date: 2005

How much?: £58.88

This 2005 Barbie piano could earn you almost £60 if you have it lying around, even with damages and discolouration.

The plastic musical instrument is kitted out with Barbie's face as well as some floral decor, it makes the perfect unique collector's item. 

Barbie ‘Fashion Maker toy’ 

Release date: 1980

How much?: £58.88

This mint condition 1980 Barbie ‘Fashion Toy Maker’, complete with mechanical printer, coloured pencils and fashion stencils will earn you around £60 online.

Similar to the 1963 electric drawing set, even incomplete kits can sell for around £30.

Mattel later released a PC fashion designer game, which reportedly sold one million copies in 1998.