This year's Exmouth Festival will be broadcasted to the world with Inconf TV!

For those unable to attend the Exmouth Festival, they can watch it from the comfort of home. The events at Manor Gardens will be live-streamed online for free. Thanks to one of the festival’s headline sponsors, local company Inconf TV.

Inconf TV provides live coverage of global sporting events, and they also do many sporting events, and they also do many international virtual conferences.

But they are about to turn their sights on something closer to home, with three days of live streaming from Manor Gardens. They are kindly giving their services for free for the benefit of the local community, meaning Exmouth Festival will be online for the whole world to see. Thanks to their interactive heat map, you can see where in the world people are watching from.

Many people find it difficult to attend live events due to mobility or health issues, or have work commitments, while some people might just be on holiday.

Meanwhile, fans of the bands that are playing who can’t make it to Exmouth can watch the show in real-time.

Whatever the reason, if you can’t make it on the day you’ll be able to see all the music at Manor Gardens through your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Just go to our live link on the website or app, or use this url: