A plaque marking the spot Exmouth's Rusty Pole used to stand on has been spotted on Exmouth Maer this week.

A small blue plaque has also been put in place as a permanent memorial to Exmouth's Rusty Pole.

The plaque reads: "Here once stood the Rusty Pole, 1909 to 2023. The tall but silent type gave many a smile and has left many a broken heart'.

The pole was removed by South West Water in April, and has stood on Exmouth Maer since 1909. It has become popular with residents and visitors alike. A Rusty Pole Society was formed on Facebook by people who regularly walked past the pole, and the group attracted more than 200 followers.

A spoof article published in the Journal for April Fool's Day, written by local historian Mike Menhenitt, sparked further interest. In it he invented various myths and legends about the Rusty Pole, including a claim that it had been used in medieval fertility rites.

The Exmouth Rusty Pole Society has seen its membership grow from just over 100 to sail past the 400 mark since the pole was removed.

Press and media organisations from across the globe have e-mailed the society wanting to know more.

The pole has featured on ITV Westcountry and Have I Got News For You - and its fame has reached Vancouver, Texas, Indonesia and then Australia.

ABC Radio in Melbourne, Australia, invited the chairman of the society Mike Menhenitt to their breakfast show on the morning of May 8.

The group has also been asked to 'twin' the Rusty Pole with The Rusty Cross at Exmouth in Australia, which is next to Vlamingh Lighthouse and according to its Google Rating and Trip Advisor page, a great place to watch the sunset.

The members of the Rusty Pole Society are now hoping to arrange a twinning visit to the pole in Exmouth, Australia soon.