A new speed camera on the A376 outside Exmouth has caught 1,671 drivers within only two weeks of coming online.

The A376 Exeter Road cameras have been activated 1,671 times since June 14, with the highest speed recorded at 61mph.

The figures were published by Vision Zero South West this week, (June 29), the same group who installed the new camera.

This new type of camera operates 24 hours a day and provides enforcement in both directions. It is on the northbound side of the road by the Haldon Motors garage. It acts as a reminder for people driving past to stick to the speed limit of 30mph.

Adrian Leisk, Devon & Cornwall Police’s head of road safety said: "It's disappointing to see the number of vehicles that have been detected travelling at excess speed on these routes, but the speeds some of them have been travelling at are worrying.

“All of these cameras are located in 30mph zones and already two of them have caught drivers travelling at more than double that speed. It’s just not acceptable.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to publicise the fact that these new cameras have been installed at these locations, where they are sited in full view on bright yellow poles.  It is disappointing drivers continue to put their own and other people’s lives at risk by failing to comply with speed limits.

“Please take this as another warning that these cameras are fully operational and are already catching far, far too many speeding motorists. The whole purpose of publicising this information is to slow people down. The success of the schemes will be measured by reduced activations as people lower their speeds.

“We have much to do in changing behaviour and will be installing many more schemes in the coming months, with similar publicity. It surprises me, that in a cost of living crisis and climate emergency people still travel in excess of speed limits, burning more fuel and increasing wear and tear on brakes and tyres. Slowing down saves you money too.

“As I’ve said many times before, there is a very easy way to avoid a speeding conviction, just stick to the speed limits.”