A short comedy film, partly shot in East Devon, will have its ‘world premiere’ in East Budleigh on Saturday, July 1.

Cold Callers has been written and produced by Jeff Sleeman and directed by Steve Moles, with an entirely Devon-based cast and crew.

It tells the story of Eric, a mild-mannered householder, who is visited by a series of uninvited rogue callers. Seemingly gullible, he invites them in, and then turns the tables on them.

Robert Garnham stars as Eric, with Rachel Vowles, Charlie Coldfield, Louis Brzozka,, Simon Tytherleigh and Ella Galinski in other key roles. The film also features James Cotter, Abigail Louise, Callum McBrayne and Daisy Hari, with a supporting cast drawn from the local area. Principal photography is by Michael Gimenez and Dom Lee.

The team have been working on Cold Callers since last year and are looking forward to the screening at East Budleigh Village Hall on July 1, which starts at 7pm.

The comedy will then be entered into film festivals and be made available online.