Blackadder is a series that is considered one of the finest sitcoms ever made by the BBC, and on the show's 40th anniversary, its unaired pilot is finally set to be shown on TV.

Gold, which hosts repeats of classic comedy shows from the BBC, ITV and more, will be the one to finally show the episode to viewers.

The show first began in 1983, but the pilot was made in 1982 as a proof of concept for the BBC.

What viewers might notice is that the episode bears many similarities to the tone and characterisation that was present in Series 2 and beyond, but not in Series 1.

Rowan Atkinson's Edmund Blackadder is changed from a shrewd, manipulative and sarcastic character to a complete buffoon, which is changed back for Series 2.

Additionally, the pilot has a completely different actor playing the character of Baldrick, with Philip Fox in the role instead of Tony Robinson.

Tony Robinson reflects on Blackadder

In an interview with the Radio Times, Robinson described the first series itself as basically a pilot, where they were able to figure out what was and wasn't working.

He said: "In the first week’s rehearsal, immediately we knew what was wrong and what was right, but it was already on the production line and we couldn’t really change it that much.

“Throughout the first series, we were trying to polish it, all the while knowing that if we could just throw away some bits and start again, we could do something with a different dynamic.”

Speaking of the pilot Robinson said it had "flashes that are really, really good" but recognises the kinks were still being ironed out.

He added: "There’s a desperate attempt to explain the whole concept and like any first scene ever, it gets a blue pencil through it very quickly.

"It just shows you how inspiration travels – you can start off with something ghastly and then you make the leap, and suddenly you’ve got something interesting.”

When will the unaired Blackadder pilot be shown on TV?

The episode will be shown as part of a programme called Blackadder: The Lost Pilot, which will see Tony Robinson take a journey back in time to find out where Blackadder really began.

People who were integral in the show's success, such as Ben Elton and Richard Curtis, will be interviewed as part of this.

It will air at 9 pm on Thursday, June 15.