A new speed detection camera has been installed on Exeter Road.

The new speed camera on the A376 Exeter Road, in Exmouth, has been funded by the Vision Zero South West road safety partnership.

This new type of camera operates 24 hours a day and provides enforcement in both directions. 

The new camera is on the northbound side of the road by the Haldon Motors garage. It acts as a reminder for people driving past to stick to the speed limit of 30mph.

The new camera replaces the old camera installed further down the road which will soon be removed.

In 2018, the Journal reported that the traffic speed safety camera – on Exmouth’s A376 Exeter Road – had been vandalised and not been repaired by Devon County Council. 

The old Gatso speed camera – on the hill dropping down into Exmouth, just past the Esso petrol station, between Summer Lane and Rivermead Avenue – was attacked in mid-Feb 2018.

The police treated the matter as criminal damage, and investigations are ongoing. The rear yellow warning panel on the unit was spray-painted black.

The damage meant that as drivers come down the hill into Exmouth, the speed camera is virtually impossible to spot – especially at night.