This week, some beach art appeared on Exmouth beach - and its a friendly reminder for people to take their litter with them.

This litter bin with a man putting rubbish in it was drawn on the beach by Orcombe Point by artist Paul Burton.

Paul travels the UK creating designs on beaches, he has travelled to East and South Devon as well as Weston-super-Mare. He does it to spread some happiness around the local communities. 

Paul draws all sorts of designs, last Easter he drew a Easter Bunny springing out of the sand on a beach in South Devon. Last July he created a maze on Exmouth beach for the Exmouth Qaukers and invited people to have a go at completing the maze.

For his latest creation on Exmouth beach, it is a reminder to people to #KeepitTidy. Telling people to take litter home with them when they have finished enjoying the beach. 

The design was washed away in the latest high-tide.

For more information, visit his Facebook page HERE