Lympstone Manor is the latest hospitality venue to benefit from Otter Brewery’s new nature initiative.

On Friday, April 7, several trees were planted in the grounds of Lympstone Manor by Michael Caines, Otter Brewery’s Managing Director, Patrick McCaig, Estate Manager Adam Street, and Saving Devon’s Treescapes Lead, Rosie Cotgreave. 

The planting of these trees takes Otter Brewery one step closer to hitting the 250,000 target that they set in 2022 with their Pints Means Trees campaign.

The Pints Means Trees campaign means that for every barrel of beer, ale or lager sold in 2022, Otter Brewery will plant a tree.

Michael Caines MBE, owner of Lympstone Manor, spoke highly of the campaign and is proud to part of it: “Otter Brewery produces some of the finest ale in Devon, which I know is always very popular across the region.

“I make sure that when selecting produce I take into consideration what benefit it brings to the environment.

“For example, we source fresh ingredients, high quality and local to help reduce food miles.

“Therefore, when I heard about the Pints Mean Trees campaign, I knew that we had to jump on board with this amazing opportunity.”

Managing Director at Otter Brewery, Patrick McCaig added: “It makes everyone very proud at Otter Brewery to see the difference that our Pints Mean Trees campaign is making to the landscape.

“It is a wonderful thing to see the power that enjoying a pint of Otter can bring, and to be having names such as Michael [Caines] getting involved with the project is something we could have only dreamed of.”

Rosie Cotgreave, Saving Devon’s Treescapes lead has been working alongside Otter Brewery since 2022 when the campaign first launched and is delighted with the recent planting: “We are thrilled to have had such a large up take of interest in the Pints Means Trees campaign, and to have a pillar of the community such as Michael Caines join us for planting is amazing.

“With the sad increase in Ash Dieback, we are proud to be making a difference to our landscape and pushing for a bright and promising future.”

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