Exmouth National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) recently visited Exmouth RNLI station for a tour.

Exmouth NCI were welcomed to the station by Ian Taylor, the lifeboat operations manager, who then handed them over to the station guide Peter Dobbs.

Peter guided watchkeepers through an extremely informative tour, starting with the outside of the boats.

He covered the various classes of lifeboats used by the RNLI, in particular the Shannon Class, giving some detail to the workings of its water jets systems and explaining the procedure for launch and recovery of the Exmouth Lifeboat.

Watchkeepers then boarded the All Weather Lifeboat (ALB), where Ian was waiting to guide them initially around the upper deck and then into the wheelhouse area.

He explained in detail the role of each member of the crew and the computer systems they operate. Ian gave a real insight into the work and dedication of the crew members and support team. He welcomed their many questions and answered them admirably.

Resuming the tour with Peter, visiting both the boats crew rooms allowing NCI to see the clothing used by both crews. Ending the evening with a detailed look at the ILB.

A spokesman for Exmouth NCI said: "It was a thoroughly informative and enjoyable evening and Exmouth National Coastwatch very much appreciate the generosity of time given to us by Ian Taylor and Peter Dobbs."

Exmouth NCI is in the sector controlled by Solent Coastguard, one of eleven HM Coastguard Rescue Coordination Centres around the British Isles.

Whilst NCI Exmouth maintain Eyes Along the Coast 52 weeks of the year, watchkeeping hours are adjusted to reflect the day light hours and the activities taking place on local beaches and inshore waters.

From March 27 they open at 8.30am until 6.30pm and from May 15 from 8am to 7.30pm. During the peak Summer Months we further increase with coastal water safety advice for swimmers, paddleboarders and beach users.

For more information about Exmouth NCI, vist the website here - www.exmouthcoastwatch.co.uk.