Eight laptops have been donated to Exmouth Library to teach children how to code.

UK software company Ciphr donated the laptops to Exmouth Library’s Coderdojo Club.

The club is a part of CoderDojo’s global movement of free coding and digital making groups for children and young people and takes place at the library on Saturday mornings.

The laptops have been gratefully received by the club, which can now offer more places for new members.

This will allow those with the talent and enthusiasm, but no access to technology, to spend time enjoying their interests and developing key skills for a career involving coding and digital design.

In recent weeks, the children have been experimenting with artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and creating three-dimensional games from scratch. Coding also involves elements of mathematics; the children are developing skills and concepts in maths several years above what they would be covering in school and enjoying the possibilities this learning creates.

The club is a supportive and collaborative environment, helping children ages 7-17 to build confidence in programming and exciting them about the possibilities of coding and digital design.

The new, higher performance laptops will let members explore more advanced coding using professional software and game engines, learning the code behind commercial games, and enjoying possibilities they would not have had access to without Ciphr’s generous donation.

Search for a CoderDojo group near you or contact Exmouth Library for more information on the club.

The laptops were presented by Lucien Caldwell, one of Coderdojo's volunteers.