Members of Exmouth’s Hope Church will be on the Strand on Saturday, March 25, meeting people and giving away early Easter egg treats.

The church is also inviting residents to join its service on Easter Sunday, April 9, at the Judith Telfer Centre, Exmouth Community College.

Martin Bell is a member of the church and also a volunteer support worker at Open Door. He said Hope Church is doing a lot of work to help those in need in Exmouth.

He said: “My wife and I first went along to Exmouth Community College one Sunday morning about a year ago to attend one of their meetings. We were bowled over by the friendly welcome and relaxed, family atmosphere.

“It was clear this is a church where everybody has a voice and plays their part. What we have since discovered is that their desire to help others is shown in their actions and their generosity.”

He said Hope Church launched a key project in December 2020 following lockdown. Families and individuals were referred for financial support by Friends in Need and four local primary schools, and the church provided them with vouchers at Christmas and the following Easter.

This support has continued, and the church is currently sending out their Easter gifts to 89 families across the town.

Sue Stride, who co-ordinates this work, said: “We realise this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our motivation is to support families and to express kingdom love.”

Since the initial contacts in December 2020, 50 of the families have kept in touch. Several come to regular community meals at the Old Gospel Hall and many also enjoyed a picnic in Phear Park last summer.

Mr Bell said the fact that Hope does not have paid ministers has enabled the church to be so generous, also giving support to children’s residentials, church members, a warm space, Open Door, Ukrainian families and a village in Lesotho.

Senior leader Mark Reynolds said: “We are delighted to practically share the hope, love and compassion we find in Jesus with the people here in Exmouth.”

Church members will be at the Strand from 11am on March 25, and the Easter Sunday service starts at 10.15am. For more information contact Sue Stride on 07453 605 549.