Plastic Free Exmouth unveiled their new beach clean poster at Sideshore last week

Simon Findel-Hawkins, events manager at Sideshore, Ash & Lucy, leaders of PFE, asked Rosie Johnson, local illustrator, if she would be able to design a new poster to advertise the weekly beach clean.

The group are absolutely delighted and incredibly grateful for Rosie's brilliant design, and think the prominent position at the ramp at Sideshore will ensure the poster gets lots of view.

The Plastic Free Exmouth group also hold weekly beach cleans, starting at both ends of the beach on a Sunday morning from 8.30am.

Volunteers can then enjoy a discounted hot drink at Sideshore, as well as 10 per cent off at The Zero Waste Store on a Monday, and 10 per cent off of on-line orders at Two Drifters.

The group have 20-30 volunteers each week, but as the Summer approaches they know more volunteers will be needed.

Please message on their Instagram or Facebook page for information or email