A former Paratrooper is walking the length of the UK to raise funds for the Armed Forces charity SSAFA.

Christian Lewis was also joined by a special guest while walking the Jurrasic Coast. Ben Fogle met with Chris to film him a new Channel 5 show New Lives In The Wild.

Chris has been fundraising for SSAFA ever since August 2017 when he decided to set off on his trek of the UK. He took £10 and a bit of camping gear and set off to raise money by walking the entire coastline of the British Isles.

Five years on and his circumnavigation of the UK is nearly done. He started in Swansea and is currently in Devon.

When Chris was in Northern Ireland, he met a woman, Kate, who has now joined him on his walk across the UK.

Kate said: “There’s a strong spirituality to the fact I came to be on this walk. I ended up meeting Chris in, what felt like, very serendipitous circumstances.

“To then end up following an even bigger inner calling – the call to a life of adventure, to the great outdoors, and to make more of a difference by helping others on a wider scale.”

Currently Chris and Kate have raised over £280,000 for SSAFA. With a few hundred miles to go, Chris is confident he will hit his £300,000 target.

Chris says: “People have been so generous and we have come so far! We are totally determined to reach £300,000. I think we can do it. No doubt about it”

Chris’ episode of New Lives in the Wild airs on Channel 5 at 9pm on Monday, March 14.

Chris’ book can be purchased online through the SSAFA store.