A professional declutterer from Exmouth has released a new book about her weird and wonderful job.

Jasmine Sleigh, who is from Exmouth, released 'Being Owned' on Thursday February, 23. 

Jasmine tells her story and offers tips and advice about how to let go through the stories of others.

Each chapter is named after someone she has helped and explores a different facet of the phenomenon of hoarding.

In the book, readers are introduced to Enid, who was the caretaker of hundreds of items belonging to her late mother.

It took an afternoon to unburden Enid, both physically and emotionally, through a decluttering process which unearthed a keepsake she never knew existed.

Jasmine has spent 10 years with her business 'Change Your Space', entering people’s homes where sometimes there is no room for people to sleep in their beds, sit on their sofas or access their kitchens which she has gathered into a book.

“We say in the trade that the job isn’t actually about the stuff,” says Jasmine, who has a degree in Psychology and Counselling and a post-graduate certificate in Leadership and Change.

“When you stand in the mire of stuff that is hindering people and putting them at risk, you know it’s a manifestation of their inner world.”

Around 90 per cent of the people Jasmine supports have psychological obstacles they are trying to overcome and around 70 per cent of her work is commissioned by local authorities considered crisis work. 

The purpose of her book is to unshackle people from an unhealthy or restrictive connection with stuff, or at least to encourage them to reflect upon their own relationship with materialism.

It also challenges the stigma and misunderstandings surrounding people who are overwhelmed by possessions.

Jasmine added: “Once in someone’s home, the sheer psychological effort in letting even rubbish and recycling go is palpable.

“My clients show courage and resilience in the face of the process which can be hugely challenging for many of them.

“It is a source of continued purpose in our vocation that lost and treasured belongings are rediscovered, and that our work has been life changing.”