Freezing temperatures are expected overnight for much of Devon, with there being the potential for it to impact the morning rush hour traffic, the Met Office has said.

This cold surge has affected much of the south coast of England, as well as some areas in the Midlands.

Snow is not expected overnight on the south coast, as no rain is forecast for the next couple of days.

Places such as Exmouth will see temperatures reach 0C between 3am and 6am on Wednesday, February 7 with fog also being anticipated there.

Additionally, Exeter will see temperatures be at 0C for a longer period of time between 2am and 8am.

Exmouth Journal: Possible fog could affect the morning rush hourPossible fog could affect the morning rush hour (Image: PA)

However, some areas will not be affected so badly, with Sidmouth expected to not go below 4C overnight.

The Met Office has not issued an official weather warning yet, but forecasters expect frosty conditions and possible fog could affect the morning rush hour.

A spokesperson said: “There isn’t a warning out at the moment given there is a bit of uncertainty still with regards to the extent and density of fog patches.

“But there might be one issued overnight once we start to see things forming and when we have more of an idea about how things are panning out.

“For rush hour morning, they could make for some difficult driving conditions in central and southern areas.”

Conditions are expected to become milder across much of the UK as the weekend approaches, as the Met Office forecasts overnight lows in the mid-single figures.