THE Met Office has issued another yellow weather warning for Somerset for tonight and tomorrow morning, with snow showers and icy stretches likely to cause some disruption.

Temperatures are forecast to drop overnight to -2°C in nearly all regions, including Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Dorset, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

This follows the Met Office warning drivers of icy roads across Devon and Somerset from the early hours of this morning until 10am.

What to expect

The Met Office says some roads and railways are likely to be affected with longer journey times.

It also says there could be some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces and icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

Make sure you know what to do before snow or ice. Here are some tips from the Met Office:

If you have to make a journey when snow is forecast, make sure you have warm clothes, food, water, boots, a torch and spade and let someone know when you expect to arrive and your route.

Try to wait until the roads have been gritted before travelling.

Use the highest gear possible to avoid wheel spin. Manoeuvre gently and avoid harsh braking and acceleration.

If you start to skid, gently ease off the accelerator and avoid braking. If braking is necessary, pump the brakes don't slam them on.

If you get stuck, stay with your car and tie something brightly coloured to your aerial

If you go outside, wear several layers of clothing and keep dry to prevent loss of body heat.

Watch out for signs of hypothermia - uncontrollable shivering, slow/slurred speech, memory lapse and drowsiness and frostbite.

Be aware of black ice. It isn't always visible and so can be an even greater hazard for both motorists and pedestrians.

Prepare a winter kit for your car

The Met Office says it is worth packing a few essential items in your car's boot to make sure you're ready in case of getting stuck in cold and wintry weather.

Here, RAC experts give the lowdown on what to put in your winter car kit.

Ice scraper and de-icer

These are basic items but winter must-haves nonetheless. Legally, you must keep your front and rear windscreen clear of snow and ice before driving.

A large torch instead of a phone light if you’re stuck by the side of country road in winter.

A large torch with spare batteries or a wind-up torch which doesn't require battery power is essential for your vehicle.

Don't rely heavily on phones and in-built car technology for maps. It’s worth having a paper road atlas in case of diversions or getting lost.

High-visibility clothing

If you need to leave the vehicle in the dark, it's crucial that you can be seen by other motorists – it could even save your life.

Jump leads

Flat or dead batteries can happen to any car regardless of age and at any time, but in cold weather such problems are far more likely to occur.

Always have a set of jump start cables or jump leads in the car, and here’s some RAC advice on how to jump start a car.

Empty fuel can

In an ideal world you would plan your journey to include fuel stops but sometimes things don’t go to plan. If you find yourself without fuel, it’s essential to have an empty fuel can available.

Food and drink

When setting off on a journey – particularly one in winter – you should take some food and drink provisions. Hot drinks in a flask are also a good idea.