The rare moment an otter was seen swimming in a Sidmouth beauty spot has been captured on film.

People visiting The Byes on Sunday, September 13, were lucky enough to see an otter swimming and hunting a fish in the River Sid.

Sidmouth resident Luis Albas filmed footage of the otter.

Mr Albas was walking in The Byes when he noticed some people standing on the banks of the River Sid and pointing.

It turned out they were watching an otter having a drink and grooming itself.

The otter then swam upstream and disappeared under an overhanging tree.

While others left, Mr Albas stayed and witnessed the otter catching a fish in the river.

The otter then disappeared under the tree again and went into an old pipeline.

Mr Albas said other people around him said they had not seen an otter in 40 years of visiting The Byes.